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Quality vannamei shrimp seed is the key to the success of the cultivation that you are doing. Therefore, choosing the right one with high quality is essential to get optimal results.

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Several tests are performed to determine the quality of shrimp seed. Among them are PL quality, origin and reputation of the hatchery, visual and stress evaluation, and other tests to detect if pathogens are present.

Therefore, here are the characteristics of high-quality vannamei shrimp seed that you should know to make the right choice.

1. Uniform Shrimp Seed Size

The first characteristic of high-quality vannamei shrimp seed can be seen from the uniform sizes of the shrimp seed. This non-uniform size indicates that the shrimp seed grows normally and receives the same nutritional intake.

In addition, the uniform size of shrimp seeds can also prevent cannibalism and competition for food with each other.

2. Shrimp Seed Not Physically Disabled

Several essential criteria must be filled in by high-quality vannamei shrimp seed before stocking. One of them is the physical equipment of the shrimp seed itself.

Healthy vannamei shrimp seed must have complete and well-developed limbs. From the tail that is not curved, the eyes and eye stalks are perfectly shaped, to the utterly intact swimming legs.

3. Shrimp Seed Has Fully Filled Gut

The external physical condition of the vannamei shrimp seed should also be examined for the state of the inside of the body, namely the gut. A vannamei shrimp seed is healthy when it has a filled intestine which is a sign that it is eating well.

On the other hand, vannamei shrimp seed with an empty gut condition can mean that the shrimp seed has no appetite or is even experiencing stress.

4. Right Move Actively

The next characteristic of high-quality shrimp seeds is shrimp seeds move by actively swimming here and there, which is done by activity testing. This is because the shrimp seeds are sensitive to external stimuli.

5. Free from Various Diseases

The shrimp farming industry has been affected several times by outbreaks of diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. Therefore, it is crucial to know whether you have certain conditions. This is done to prevent the farmers from losses.

Usually, a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test is carried out through a strict population sampling protocol to determine whether it is genuinely disease-free.

6. Pass the Stress Test

Minimizing stress on vannamei shrimp seed is a top priority during the hatchery process. From the time at the hatchery, the trip to the pond, until the stocking time.

This is because stressed shrimp seeds, when released into the environment to enlarge, will be potentially hostile to each other and less likely to survive.

7. It comes from a Trusted Hatchery

Finally, to get vannamei shrimp seed of the highest quality, you can get them from a trusted hatchery or hatchery. With a well-monitored hatchery process, farmers don’t have to worry about the quality of the shrimp fry they buy.

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